Coaches of the Golf Academy


About PGA

PGA Polska or the Golf Instructors Association is an organization gathering professional golf instructors and tournament players. The organization’s mission is to popularize golf, implement the highest standards in education, raise the level of sports competition and represent ethical values ​​resulting from the tradition and history of golf.

Why PGA?

PGA Poland instructors have undergone a demanding 3-year training program in order to be the best in their field. They have the most important information and skills, how to teach golf. They are not graduates of extramural courses but long-term, approved by PGAs of Europe, program in the field of methodology, history, technical knowledge, didactics, practical classes, knowledge of equipment and many other issues. As the only ones in Poland, they can boast such a wide knowledge about how to teach and what to learn. No one else in Poland has such a wide range of knowledge!

PGA Poland trainers are professional in every detail. Their work is about learning. They are prepared for this and they do it all their lives. Every year, they learn additional courses, many of them graduate from prestigious golf schools, take part in new training programs. PGA Poland trainers obtain information about modern technologies. They are equipped with specialized didactic equipment, have access to knowledge and resources, thanks to which they can adapt to the individual predispositions of their students.

Pro is people with passion. Golf is not only a hobby for them but a way of life. Not everyone can boast of the fact that he loves his job. They can. They work on golf courses to train new golfers, run academies, organize tournaments, engage in new social and charity programs. Many of them can boast of pupils who are successful both at home and abroad. Let’s remember that no junior would have had so many successes without the support of his coach. Pro sets each student a training plan and makes sure that the student accomplishes these goals. He is thus involved in his career path. That’s his job!

That is why the coaches of Sobienie Golf Academy are exclusively members of PGA Polska

Meet Our Coaches

Mateusz Kniaginin
Head Professional


Alvin Brasseaux
Senior Professional


Grzegorz Zieliński
PGA Professional


Kuba Ufnal
PGA Professional


Piotr Prokop
PGA Aplicant